Our Process

What’s the Process?


Step 1: Request a Quote

Jump on the net and search for Bloom Inspections. Contact us and complete our Online Enquiry Form for a personalised quote, tailored to the type of inspection service you require. This will be responded to as a matter of urgency by the actual inspector between 07:00 – 21:00, 7 days a week. Or simply call Simon, our senior inspector to discuss your requirements in person on 0432 078 606.


Step 2: Book a Time

On accepting our quote we will contact the Agent or Owner, on your behalf, to arrange the first available inspection time. It is our commitment to ensure this is done efficiently and timely as possible. We understand how time critical our services are and how they impact on the decisions you make.  Therefore, we endeavour to conduct the inspection within 1-3 days of being consulted to do so.


Step 3: Inspect Property

The onsite inspection usually takes approximately 2 hours. This can vary depending upon the how many inspectors are on the job, the type of inspection service requested and the specific property itself. The scope of the inspections covers; buildings and structures on the immediate site, roofing components, subfloors and roof void, surface drainage, driveways and paths, and more!


Step 4: Verbal Briefing

At the conclusion of the site inspection, our inspector will call you to summarise findings and discuss any significant issues or concerns noted during the inspection. This provides instant feed back to you on the property inspected. It is a critical component of ensuring that reported defects, safety issues and maintenance recommendations are clearly understood.


Step 5: Compile Report

Compiling the report involves collating all of the inspection information together and presenting it in a thorough, detailed comprehendible format. The report clearly identifies minor and major defects including potential safety hazards, structural defects, recommended maintenance information and if requested to do so, any timber pest findings, damage and control measures.  On receipt of payment, the report is sent electronically the evening of the inspection.


Step 6: Further Advice

After receiving and reviewing the report we are always available for further discussions and clarification. When you become a customer of ours we hope and believe you are entitled to remain one. We will happily offer ongoing further advise on the property itself and also any future properties you may be considering. We believe this sets us apart from others…..we encourage you to please read and compare our testimonials and google reviews.

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