Combined Building and Timber Pest Inspection

Before buying, inspect for peace of mind

Our combined Building and Timber Pest Inspection is our most detailed report, with the broadest scope. Your final report will cover the structural integrity of the building, the overall condition of the property & site, including the added detail of any past or present timber pest activity. This is our recommended and most comprehensive report detailing everything you need to know when deciding to purchase a property.

Building Inspection in detail

The building pre-purchase inspection visually identifies property major defects including potential safety hazards.  This is documented in an easy to read detailed format, with explanatory photographic evidence in the Bloom Inspection comprehensive report.

Building pre-purchase inspection reports can be used to help protect perspective buyers when signing conditional contracts of sale. Include a special condition ‘subject to a building report’ before signing any contracts of sale. Don’t be legally bound to a major structural building defect!

Pest Inspection in detail

A Timber Pest Inspection, also known as a Pest Inspection, is conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.3 and will assess the evidence and severity of damage caused by timber pests, how conducive or susceptible the building is to infestation by timber pests, any necessary remedial works and protective measures required in the future.

The inspection shall comprise non-invasive inspection of the property for evidence of timber pest and the damage caused by timber pests. Also, to form an opinion regarding the susceptibility to infestation of the property by timber pests at the time of the inspection.

Inspection Equipment we use

For hidden issues we can’t see, we have specialised equipment that help identify detects such as water leaks and even termite nests within wall cavities

  • Digital Moisture Meter
  • Thermal Camera
  • Borescope Camera
  • Light Beam Laser Level
  • High Powered LED Torches
  • Specialised Sounding Tool

Bloom Inspections Sample Report

Pest Inspection, what we’ll search for:

  • Wood-boring insects
  • Subterranean termites
  • Fungal decay (timber rot)
  • Chemical Delignification

Building Inspection, what we cover.

  • Building interior and exterior
  • Sub-floor area
  • Roof space area
  • Garages and shedding
  • Fencing and retaining walls
  • Driveways and paths
  • Surface drainage
Building and Timber Pest Inspection

Building & Pest Inspection Gallery

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