Rental Property Assessment

The new Residential Tenancy Act, now in affect, requires a rental minimum standard to be met for rental properties

The rental provider has a duty to ensure that the rented property meets the standards prescribed as rental minimum standards, before a renter occupies the property. The minimum standards will cover basic but important requirements relating to amenity, safety and privacy, and rental providers will owe a duty to ensure their property meets these standards. The minimum standards that will be prescribed will include basic, yet critical requirements relating to amenity, safety and privacy.

Bloom Inspections will conduct a professional rental property assessment to determine compliancy or non-compliancy.

We will clearly identify deficiencies that require attention in order to meet the new rental minimum standards.

An easy to understand photographic PDF report will be provided and e-mailed to the client the same day of the inspection.

Property Assessment Fee:
1-2 bedrooms – $385.00
3-4 bedrooms – $440.00
5+ bedrooms – $495.00

Bloom Inspections Sample Report

What we inspect:

  • Structural soundness
  • Mould contamination
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • Lockable external doors
  • Vermin proof rubbish bins
  • Functioning toilet
  • Adequate hot and cold water connections in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry
  • External windows that have functioning latches to secure against external entry
  • Functioning cooktop, oven, sink and food preparation area
  • Functioning heating in the property’s main living area
  • Window coverings to ensure privacy in any room the owner knows is likely to be a bedroom or main living area.

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