Thank you Simon for the recent building inspection. I am very impressed with your professional service, extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Thank for your time to allow me to meet you at the end of your on-site inspection;  and your patience answering all my questions in every details with plain terms that I can understand. Also thank you for your quick report. Received it at that night of the same day. I didn’t expect that as the inspection was scheduled at almost end of the day already. Appreciate your hard working.   I must say you are very thorough in your work and it has given me a peace of mind. The detailed report with photos has provided me with a reference for any issues that I need to address.

Wei Yuan


Cal Forsyth

July 15, 2020

Matthew Van Beveren

July 15, 2020

Jacob Mollison

September 3, 2019

Peony Tran

August 29, 2019

Laura Litcanu

August 19, 2019