If you are considering buying a new home, a Pre Purchase Property inspection is vital.  The inspection will expose any existing or potential defects critical in your decision making.

A combined building and pest inspection is the most comprehensive service that you can receive.  A complete property assessment covering the entire site, inclusive of all items and structures  within the property are assessed.

Defects such as building structural integrity, site drainage, wet area waterproofing, internal floor levels, and critically any timber pest activity are comprehensively investigated.

When looking at buying or purchasing a property, getting an independent building inspection is essential.

There are several different types of building inspections offered to determine any defects on the property.

  • Timber Pest Inspections: A timber pest inspection is conducted to inspect pest related damage to timber within homes and properties. This will ensure defects and structural damage are uncovered as well as the potential for future susceptibility
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: Building inspections completed before the purchase of a new property to uncover the major and minor defects of a new home.
  • Pre-Sale Inspections: A building inspection which allows the seller of a building or home to be aware of all the defects before selling the property, allowing property owners to rectify defects before placing the home or property on the market.
  • Building and Timber Pest Inspections: An all-inclusive building inspection that includes both a building and timber pest inspection, to provide a thorough report on the condition of the property.

A building inspection has the chance to reveal hidden defects within a home but can also direct you about the cost of repairs for the defects. Getting a building inspection for a new property will allow you to make unbiased judgements about a home and could end up saving you a lot of money.

If you are ready to buy your next home, you should consider engaging in an independent building inspection to allow you to make professionally informed decisions.